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MP-7500 series are the manual mounters used specifically for QFP or PLCC. It is applied for PLCC or QFP with the lead pitch 0.3 to 1.27mm. Not only for the trial manufacture and development but also small and medium scale production, QFP or PLCC can be mounted easily and exactly on the board. There are 3 types of models. and each can be selected for applications.


  • QFP or PLCC can be mounted easily and exactly. By only lowering the knob of the suction head, QFP or PLCC can be sucked and mounted.
  • It is applicable to QFP or PLCC of lead pitch 0.3 to 1.27mm.
  • It corresponds to QFP or PLCC of 4 types (tray).
  • It is applied for sizes from name-card to A4-format or the big letter size on the board(Max 360×220mm).
  • Chip parts can be mounted by the standard equipment of vacuum-suction pincette.


MP-7500 Model-1 MP-7500 Model-2 MP-7500 Model-3
Applicable LSI Size Minimum 11×11mm
Lead pitch QFP:0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.65mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm / PLCC:1.27mm
Applicable PCB 50×50mm to 360×220mm t= 0.5 to 2.0mm*1
Alignment/check Check with naked eyes Optical stereo microscope CCD / LCD monitor
Zoom - 3.5× to 22.5× zoom 5.8× to 17.8× zoom
Mounting accuracy ±0.15mm ±0.02mm/±0.01mm*2 ±0.03mm/±0.01mm*2
Mounting angle 360°(Full rotation)
Mounting pressure 200 to 600g
Board fixing PCB holder (right and left side)
Vacuum nozzle 4mmφ/OD or 8mmφ/OD-NBR pad (The nozzle for the chip parts is an option.)*3
QFP tray stand 600×350mm (315×135mm for 4 trays)
Vacuum pump Ejector (400mmHg) and Diaphragm pump (100mmHg)
(Use the diaphragm pump if no pneumatic power is available.)
Vacuum tweezers A pair (Nozzles included: ID 0.34, 0.72, 1.10 and 3.5)
Lighting - Fluorescent ring lamp(8W), White light 6500°K
Power supply AC100V/110V/120V/220V/240V 50/60Hz 50VA
Air supply 5kgf/cm2 (dry air) required only when the ejector is used.
External dimensions W640×D630×H135mm W640×D650×H450mm W640×D650×H500mm
Weight 25g 35g 35g (Excluding LCD)
  • *1:There are correspondence PCB size maximum 305×305mm, too.
  • *2:The table with the µ-m X-Y adjuster is used.
  • *3:Nozzle for chip parts.
    • GS-17(ID:1.11φ)
    • GS-19(ID:0.72φ)
    • GS-23(ID:0.34φ)

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