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"Micro square is a high end Japanese optical device brand specializing in poke yoke with ergonomic and measurement microscopes along with BGA under scopes. Special Fields: Cross section labs. "

Micro Square

apollo seiko soldering robots

"Apollo Seiko is a leader of selective and automated soldering machines. Specializing in automated point soldering systems. Special Fields: Laser soldering, automated soldering robots and uints."

Apollo Seiko

m.s. engineering rework stations

"M.S. Engineering is a high end Japanese company that specializes in its manufacturing of Rework Stations, and rework equipment. Special Fields:Rework Stations, rework equipment."

M.S Engineering

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"Japan Pulse Laboratories is a high end Japanese company that specializes in reflow soldering and reflow soldering equipment. Special Fields: Reflow Soldering"

Japan Pulse Laboratories


Welcome to our site. With over 30 years of experience in the process of rework, inspection of manufacturing electronics, we maintain a firm step evolving towards the leading edge technology. In the recent years we have introduced the UV LED curing devices, an innovative and more efficient system on the curing UV adhesives with a way long lasting lifetime. 

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Introducing DS400C
Digital Microscope



New Model BGA scope with 2M pixel camera

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365nm UV LED, Irradiation area 50mm x 10mm

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High Efficiency Curing and Inspection Device

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The MS-3000 is a microscope for effectively inspecting the soldered portions of the BGA and CSP which are difficult to reach by the X-ray inspection method. Specifically, it is efficient for inspecting the fillets of soldered balls, melted condition of soldered parts, cracks, and defective soldering. Since inspection is done using the backlight and the two sidelights on the camera, inspection of soldered balls at a depth of 15mm can be done using the 70x L Probe. It can also be used for inspecting the bridges of the soldered balls. The LH Probe with a magnification of from 70x to 140x is suitable for the inspection of small soldered balls on BGAs and CSPs.

We recommend that you set the magnification to 140x for inspecting the soldering portions on BGAs and CSPs. The SH Probe with a magnification of 300x is suitable for the inspection of soldered balls with a height of approximately 0.1 mm on BGAs, CSPs, and bridge chips. Also, by mounting the standard-shipped straight prism at the head, the MS-3000 can inspect the surface-mounted parts of QFPs. From an angular position, it can be used to inspect the melted and un-melted status of soldering. The microscope can be connected to the PC with the UB pack (USB2.0 connection).