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RF-210V allows soldering in high vacuum environment. This equipment is super low - cost
vacuum reflow machine for experiments and/or prototype or small lot production.

Great for Power semiconductors, Power modules which have current devices that require keeping
void to few percent below and this machine is able to perform void free soldering.


  • Reflow soldering in under -95kPa G super-high vacuum environment
  • Compatible to Maximum 400°C 150mm × 150mm Work
  • This is 2 Zone by 1 Hotplate heating zone, 1 Cooling zone type vacuum soldering unit
  • Able to use Nitrogen(N2) and Green Gas(Soldering in Gas Atmosphere)
  • Able to see while soldering in vacuum environment from observation window


  • Heating Zone : 1 Hotplate 150mm×150mm 1.1kW
  • Direct heating from Hotplate underneath of Work
  • Cooling Zone : 1 Natural cooling Plate 150mm×150mm
  • Direct cooling from Cooling Plate underneath of Work
  • Heating Temperature : Max400°C
  • Carrier System : Carrier Bar(Push Work by Metal) system or 0.125mmt Teflon Sheet (or 30μmt SUS304 Sheet) carrier system
  • Vacuum Source : Vacuum Pump Max -98kPa(G)
  • Vacuum : -95kPa(G) Time required; 150 sec. (Vacuum from atmosphere)
  • Chamber : (L)395×(W)340×(H)105mm
  • Work Area : (L)300×(W)150×(H)55mm
  • Observation Window : 105f(Reflow part)
  • Compatible Gas : Gas Atmosphere Soldering : N2 or N2+H2(3-5%)
  • Control : Touch Panel type Sequencer
  • Sensor Terminal : Sensors for Temperature profile measurement terminal 3CH
  • Safety : Breaker for Leakage/Over current, Emergency Stop Switch
  • Power source : Single phase 200V/220V/240V 1.5kW 50/60Hz
  • External Dimension : (W)600×(D)800×(H)860mm
  • Weight : Approximately 135kg

Compatible Work

  • Max(W)150×(L)150×(H)50mm, Max300g
  • Metal or Ceramics with flat bottom

Intended Use

  • Tight bonding for Power semiconductor
  • Reflow Soldering for Power module
  • Soldering for Solar cell
  • Reflow Soldering for Metallic substrate

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