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Ultra-compact UV line spot irradiation unit UVE20
This unit is compact, lightweight (about 40g), wavelength is the unit of 365nm, or 385nm irradiation. 
Irradiation range is irradiated with light 3mm width 20mm length of the line-shaped from 2mm. 
The length can be extended. For example, it will be 40mm in two. 
This can also be thicker width in a custom support besides.


Curing after coating, such as UV curing resin, ideal for applications to be robot mounted, it is irradiated immediately after coating, such as dispenser mounted curing. 

Since the compact also it can respond to the irradiation of the curve point. Thin UV light applications requiring, glass bonding apparatus, such as UV-curable ACF crimping apparatus 


  • Irradiation range              8mmx20mm
  • wavelength        365 selected or 2 wavelength type of ± 5nm, 385 also possible
  • Illuminance         
  • 365nm: 700mW / cm2 or more
  • 385nm: 1200mW / cm2 or more
  • The distance between the work (WD)    10mm about
  • Unit Size              46.5x37x82mm
  • cooling  Forced air cooling
  • Supply power    48V MAX700mA
  • usage environment        0 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ 35 ~ 85% (non-condensing)
  • Small UV rectangular area irradiation unit UVE20 Small UV rectangular area irradiation unit UVE20

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