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This SMT manual screen printer use metal masks to apply solder paste (solder cream) and adhesives to printed circuit boards. Both aluminum cast frames and aluminum pipe frames can be used.


Applicable frames
(Internal dimensions)
Cast 205×255mm
Pipe 180×250mm
Mask Metal screen (SUS:t=0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3), Silk screen
Applicable circuit boards Size 50×50mm to 200×300mm
Thickness 0.125 to 2mm
Vacuum pump Option
Fine adjustment By mask frames
Squeegee Size (t)9×(W)50×(L)100mm
Hardness 80°
Table dimensions (W)250×(D)330×(H)10mm
External dimensions (W)250×(D)600×(H)200mm
Weight 7kg

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