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The RF-250 is a hot plate type reflow soldering machine with large heating capacity. Using far-infrared and hot-air heating, it can reflow solder difficult boards requiring large heating capacity such as ceramic and enamel boards, as well as steel, aluminum, and other metal circuit boards. The carrier-bar (or Teflon sheet carrier) presses the circuit board to be soldered directly on top of the hot plate and slides it along. As the board is directly heated by the hot plate, even boards requiring high heat capacity can be efficiently reflow soldered in a short time and with high temperature precision.


  • 5 zone heating plate makes reflow soldering of enamel or metal circuit boards easy.
  • The RF-250 can reflow solder boards measuring up to 150×150×5mm.
  • 5 heating zones in lower section and 1 heating zone in upper section all have digital display and PID control. Full operation can be carried out with high precision at stable temperature.
  • With a heating range up to maximum 400°C, the RF-250 can perform high-temperature soldering of over 300°C.


Heating section Zones 5
Length 1000mm
Width 150mm
Height of an inlet 40mm
Heating Method Hot plate
(Only the 4th zone is up IR heater used together.)
Temperature control P.I.D. temperature controller.
Max temperature 400°C
Conveyor Method Carrier bar (metal fitting to push back of board) system.
or Teflon sheet carrier system.
Width 150mm
Speed 50 to 1000mm/min (Digital)
Direction R → L or L → R (at user's request)
Cooling Forced cooling by a fan on the outlet side.
Power supply Single phase 220V about 7.5kW
Safety devices Current leak/Over-current breaker
Emergency stop switch
Alarm output (over/under temperature)
External dimensions (W)1680×(D)550×(H)391mm
Weight about 120kg

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