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This machine is very easy to use. Simply apply cream solder on the board, mount chip parts thereon and place it on the conveyer, so that all chip parts can be reflow soldered in approx. 2min. It is useful for production of small boards with chip parts mounted. Use of the optional top sub-heater allows easy reflow soldering of SOP and CSP, etc.


  • Being very economically priced, it can be used for small production quantities.
  • Desk-top type and compact but capable of handling up to 140mm wide board.
  • Provided with the Teflon belt conveyer, heat efficiency can be enhanced, thus allowing energy saving.
  • Power consumption is as small as 1kW, connectable to ordinary wall sockets.
  • Use of the sub-heater makes possible reflow soldering of parts with larger heat capacity, such as SOP, CSP, etc., with high efficiency.


Heating section Zones 2
Length 400mm
Width 140mm
Height 20mm (At the time of sub-heater use.)
Heating Method Hot plate
Temperature control P.I.D. temperature controller.
Max temperature 270°C
Conveyor Method Teflon belt.
Width 140mm
Speed 140 to 1040mm/min (Analog)
Direction L → R
Cooling Natural cooling.
Power supply Single phase 120/220V 720W
External dimensions (W)800×(D)370×(H)234mm
Weight about 25kg

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