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MS9000SE is the all-round rework system which almost all SMD can be reworked, and the original ITTS auto profiler system is operates of the system easily and
exactly. Many kinds, such as a connector, and a socket, a shield cover, of SMD can be reworked as well as BGA and CSP, and also QFP of a fine pitch. Furthermore, if the adapter of a separate item is used, reworking of chip components such as 0402 (01005) etc. is also available.


  • Top heater system can be changed to the Air or IR.
  • Reworking for chip components of 01005 to 0805 also possible.
  • It has the function of all-reworking processes. (Removing-Cleaning-Printing-Replacing-Soldering)
  • Newly ITTS (Intelligence Thermal Trace System)
  • Clear & High image magnification by large-size monitor.
  • Mount of a package is load-free.
  • It can change to 4 languages, Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.
  • Built-in 2+4 CH Thermal profile checker. (with an analysis function)


Item Specification
Component size 2.0 x 2.0 ---50 x 50mm
米01005~0805 *Tweezers Nozzle
Board Size 300 x 400mm max
米400 x 500mm mmax * Large Table
Fine Adjust for Rotation ±5 degrees max by Z axis by manual
Fine Adjuster X and Y ≦±20μm by stepping motor control (10μ/pules)
Board Thickness 0.5~3.5mm /3Kg Max
Clearance of under the Board 45mm Max
Clearance of the board Top 25mm Max /米10mm Tweezers nozzle
Z Axis

≦±20μm /Stepping motor control 10μ/pulse

Joystick adjuster (Four-steps speed change)

≧30g pressure sensor
Under support for the board by 4 pins on 2 railes

Heater Control System(PID)

A mode ITTS Auto-Profile x 2
M mode Manual 6 zones
Parts Pick Up Auto pic-up by Vacuum Bit with loard free sensor.
Parts replace Automatic with loard free sencer.
Controller TP model Logic control by Touch Panel
PC model PC control by Windws 7.
Top heater Hot Air 1080VA
IR 800VA: 10x10 -- 50x50mm by Shutter Plate
Bottom Heater 1.0KVA IR
Control Data Save TP Model A mode:100 files max / M mode 100 files
PC Model A-mode:35KB / M-mode 20KB /in 50GB
Control Data Memory Excel CSV file in the CF Memory
Temperature Measuring CA-K: 2(controller)+4CH(measuring)
Data Analyzer Peak Temp x 6 / Time-Interval x 2 x 6
Data Graph

2+4CH max (2CH is only for controller)

Vision Monitor 22 inch LCD
Vision System AF 70x max auto focus CCD Camera
Power 200--240V 2.5 KVA Single phase/ 4.5KVA with wide Bottom
Dimension 560W x 645H x 8105Dmm 65Kg approx.
Air 0.5Mpa Dry (N2 possible)

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