RF-560 (RF-460L)

Medium Lead-free Reflow Soldering Machine

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The model RF-560(RF-460L) is a medium Reflow Soldering Machine corresponding to lead-free soldering
and using IR and hot air convection, and nitrogen (N2) for the basic heating. While this is a medium table-top
reflow machine, it a method with 6 zones, and the precise and stable temperature profile required for lead-free
reflow soldering can be obtained. By use of IR and hot air and nitrogen (N2), the various requirements for leadfree
soldering can be met sufficiently.


  • This is a table-top reflow soldering machine with correspondence to nitrogen (N2). Circuit boards up to 300×300mm
  • can be processed.
  • Rapid heating is performed with a 6-zone quartz heater using IR and hot air and nitrogen (N2), and the desired
    temperature profile can be obtained.
  • The screen position (X, Y, Z) can be fine-adjusted with 10μm accuracy based on the micro meter.
  • Precise temperature control (±0.3%) up to max. 350°C and stable temperature profiles can be obtained with a highprecision
  • PID temperature controller.


  • Heating section: 6 zones, W300mm×L1560mm×H30mm (at the inlet).
    • Heater: Quartz tube heater, IR (wavelength: 2 to 10 μm).
    • Upper part: Each zone: 1.4kW
    • Lower part: 1,2,5,6zone: 1.05kW
  • Heating method: IR + Hot air convection system
  • Temperature control: Max. 350°C ±0.3%, P.I.D. temperature controller.
  • Temperature control for the atmosphere in the upper part of the furnace for
    each zone
  • Conveyor: W 300 mm, SUS mesh belt. 90 to 1400 mm/min
    Conveyor direction: R 􀁯 L or L 􀁯 R (at user's request)
    Digital speed controller
  • Cooling: Forced cooling by a fan on the outlet side
  • Power supply: Single phase 220V 12.7kW, 50/60 Hz
  • N2 supply quantity: About 140l/min (Oxygen density: about 5000 ppm).
  • Safety devices: Leak/Over-current circuit breaker,
    Emergency stop switch, Alarm output
    (over/under temperature / heater disconnection)
  • External dimensions: (W)2200×(D)590×(H)820mm
  • Weight: about 280kg.

Applicable Circuit Boards

  • Dimensions :15mm×15mm to 300mm×300mm
  • Board thickness :0.125mm to 2mm
  • Height :Max. 30mm


  • Reflow soldering of SMT circuit boards.
  • Lead-free reflow soldering.
  • Drying of thermosetting adhesives and other heating work.


  • Finger chain conveyor.
  • External computer control.

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