RF-110 / RF-110N2

Manual Reflow Soldering Machine

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RF-110 is a manual far-infrared reflow soldering machine. It can reflow-solder both faces of 200×200mm
printed circuit boards. Highly suitable for trial manufacture, testing and production of small quantities of
multi-kind of SMT board.

RF-110N2 is a manual far-infrared reflow soldering machine which is applicable for nitrogen(N2) gas.
With this machine , less than 1000ppm of oxygen density can be achieved with a slight volume of
nitrogen gas consumption.


  • It is infrared 1 zone heating type. The temperature profile can be set with a timer and a temperature controller.
  • It can reflow-solder both sides of PC boards, without applying adhesive to the printed board up to 200×200mm.
  • It is desk-top type nitrogen(N2) reflow soldering machine which is the smallest in the world and cheap.(RF-110N2)
  • Although the volume of the consumption of nitrogen per one time reflow soldering is as slight as 20 to 30l, less than 1000ppm can be achieved.(RF-110N2)


  • Heating section : 1 zone, 210×210mm (H)20mm (at the inlet)
  • Heater : Quartz tube heater, IR (wavelength: 2 to 10 μm)
  • Upper part: 1kW Lower part: 0.4kW
  • Heater selection : TOP(only top ON) / OFF / FULL(top and bottom ON)
  • Temperature control: Max. 300OC, P.I.D. temperature controller.
  • Temperature control for the atmosphere in the upper part of the furnace.
  • Conveyor : Batch type
  • Timer : 0 to 10 minutes. analog timer.
  • Cooling : Natural cooling.
  • Power supply : AC100/120/220V 1.5kW 50/60Hz
  • N2 supply quantity: 20 to 30l / One time (2’ 30”)
  • (RF-110N2) The supply of N2 is only during the time from START to
  • timer OFF.
  • Dimensions : (W)300×(D)550×(H)195mm (RF-110)
  • (W)340×(D)590×(H)210mm (RF-110N2)
  • Weight : about 12kg (RF-110): about 14kg (RF-110N2)

Applicable Circuit Boards

  • Dimensions: 10mm×10mm to 200mm×200mm
  • Board thickness: 0.1mm to 2mm
  • Height: Max. 20mm


  • Reflow soldering of H-IC and SMT circuit boards.
  • Reflow soldering for non-cleanse type cream soldering. (RF-110N2)
  • Drying of thermosetting adhesives.
  • Other heating work.


  • Operation indication lamp.

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