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BGA (Ball-Grid Array) Inspection with this microscope, you can perform a visible check of the soldered points and surface. Thus, you can obtain highly reliable inspection and analysis results. You can also inspect the interior section of the package by using the backlight system. (The backlight system is an option.) This microscope enables you to visually inspect the lead section of a QFP from the side. You can also inspection other parts of a package freely as if using a pen. You can connect the microscope to
either a notebook PC or to a TV.

Three Models Available

  • MS-1000
    • You can observe the soldered parts of the BGA package on your PC and save the displayed image in JPEG or BMP format at VGA resolution
  • MS-1000LW
    • This model is fit for inspecting the BGA and
      QFP from a wide angle. You can also use it to
      view the interior section of a BGA package using
      the backlight system. Magnification:x70 on
      14inch TV
  • MS-1000EX
    • You can adjust the magnification continuously between
      70 and 140 times. This microscope is useful when you
      want to view a particular spot at wide angle and at high

Camera Probe Specs

Model   Magnification  Focus Distance  Resolution
 MS-100LW-U  50x  Approx 12mm  640x480
 MS-1000EX-U  50x-100x  Approx 5.0mm at 50x
Approx 2.5mm at 100x
 MS-1000-U  100x  Approx 2.5mm  640x480


  • Magnification :MS-100(140x), MS-100LW (70x), MS-100EX (70x-140x)
  • Focus Distance :MS-100(16mm), MS-100LW (12mm), MS-100EX (5mm)
  • Resolution (TV) :MS-100(410K pixels), MS-100LW (410K pixels), MS-100EX (410K pixels)
  • Resolution (PC) :MS-100(VGA 640x480), MS-100LW (VGA 640x480), MS-100EX (VGA 640x480)
  • Prism for BGA Inspection
    • MS-1000 (PR-M2, PRM3, PR-M5)
    • MS-1000LW/MS-1000EX (PR-M2-2,PR-M3-2,PR-M5-2)
  • Prism for QFP and Package Parts Inpection
    • MS-1000 (PR-S1)
    • MS-1000LW/MS-1000EX (PR-S1-2)

Operating Environment on PC

  • Standards : USB2.0 compliant
  • Display input : Color camera for NTSC or PAL
  • PC operating environment : Hardware : DOS/V AT compatible with USB2.0 interface,
  • CPU : Pentium III 800Mhz or above
  • Note : Not compliant to Expanded USB (PCI and CardBUS)
  • Operating system : Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Display size : 640 x 480 dots (VGA)
  • Frame rate : 30 frames/second
  • Operating humidity : Under 80% (without dew)
  • Cable length : USB interface cable : approx. 1.2 meters, USB cable: approx. 1.8 meters

Standard Shipped Parts

  • Microscope body
  • BGA prism (thickness 2mm)
  • QFP prism
  • Camera cable
  • AC adapter
  • RCA cable
  • USB Pack (contains USB interface cable,USB cable, device driver software, viewer software)

Prisms Specs

For MS-1000-U For MS-1000LW-U & MS-1000EX-U
PR-M2 (2mm thickness) PR-M2-2 (2mm thickness)
PR-M3 (1mm thickness)
PR-M3-2 (1mm thickness)
PR-M5 (0.5mm thickness)
PR-M5-2 (0.5mm thickness)
 PR-S-1 (For QFP use)
PR-S1-2 (for QFP use) 


  • Base Plate Holder MS-H-01
    • The three holders fix the base plate to the stage.
      You can adjust the size freely using the magnet.
  • Black Stage MS-BS-01
    • You can slide the base plate on the stage (230 x 300mm) and even rotate it.
  • Backlight Guide System BL-SYSTEM-03
    • You can confirm the bridge by flashing the LED from the opposite direction of the
      camera. You can inspect the interior of the package by using
      it with MS-1000-LW.
  • Camera Fixing Mechanicsm HF0001 & 0002 + Stand
    • Holds the camera to a fixed position. You can move the mechanism up and down, to the left and right, forward and backward, and even rotate it to a fixed angle.
  • Prism Holder BL-02-03
    • You can flash a backlight on a BGA package which is only 5mm square.

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