About OCIR TECH, Inc.

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Our History

Rossi Giovanni, Founded in 1976 in Northern Italy by signore Rossi, started as a manufacturer of the highest quality precision tools such as tweezers, pliers and cutters made for the electronic, medical, automotive industry, and all fields where precision hand tools are needed. Our products are made with the highest quality steel: Inox, antimagnetic carbon. Their finishing is hand made by expert staff, which guarantees the highest precision.

We Are

Professionals in the
Manufacturing Industry

With extensive experience in repair, documentation, ISO 9000, automation and technical equipment sales. We service Southwest U.S.A. and Mexico boundaries and have Sales Representatives in the San Diego-Tijuana, Mexicali regions, Phoenix, Tucson and Nogales regions, and El Paso and Juarez, Chihuahua regions.

We Have

High Quality
Precision Tools

On July, 2005 we opened our Americas branch in order to serve the Southwestern United States region, and Mexico region. We incorporated the most recognized Japanese lines, such as Micro Square, Japan Pulse Laboratories, M.S. Engineering Co, Ltd, and Apollo Seiko, Selective Soldering Robot.

We Offer

Experience & Precision at
Affordable Prices

We are your solution for today's process, rework and inspection challenges. We support modern industrial needs: Innovation, Ergonomics, Robust equipment at convenient budget and cost.