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The package is taken up horizontally by the center-bit with bit- ring. the bit ring is slid up and down and attracts the package certainly. The height of the center-bit is changeable, it should be adjusted to height of the package. And it will be possible if the lock-nut of the center-bit is loosened. So, MS rework nozzle will be made possible of reworking that all most all of the SMD. Furthermore, we can manufacture of special nozzle hood and also center-bit. It became possible to even rework the SMD of special form by that cause.


  • MS series Nozzle is compatible to the all MS series Rework Machine. It is made possible of reworking for all most all SMD. It can be reworking of the special SMD, such as a shield cover, BGA socket, and MCA etc. A special center bit can also be manufactured.
  • So, It is possible of pick up for special surface SMD. MS rework nozzle is strongly and easy handling.


Nozzle Type Package size Inner size of Nozzle
0505B05M 5.0x5.0mm 5.5x5.5mm
0507B05M 5.0x7.0mm 5.5x7.5mm
1010B05M 10.0x10.0mm 10.5x10.5mm
1111B05M 11.0x11.0mm 11.5x11.5mm
1212B05M 12.0x12.0mm 12.5x12.5mm
1515B10M 15.0x15.0mm 16.0x16.0mm
2020B10M 20.0x20.0mm 21.0x21.0mm
2525B10M 25.0x25.0mm 26.0x26.0mm
2727B10M 27.0x27.0mm 28.0x28.0mm
3030B10M 30.0x30.0mm 31.0x31.0mm
3535B10M 31.0x31.0mm 32.0x32.0mm
4040B10M 40.0x40.0mm 42.0x42.0mm
4545B10M 45.0x45.0mm 46.0x46.0mm

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