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Table Top X-Ray Inspection System

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MSX500 is X-ray inspection system for BGA, CSP solder joint. The system is compact and can use on the desktop. New developed X-ray generator will be provide of high performance. MSX500SW can change X-ray angle to 0 to 45degrees.


  • The best for combine use with the rework station
  • The X-ray generator is newly developed DC inverter and air cooling types
  • High resolution image by the high sensitivity X-ray CCD camera with the close up system.
  • Clear image by integral visual controller with PC.
  • User friendly motor drived XY table with safety external operation
  • Easy operations and unnecessary of specialist
  • The check point is locked quickly by built-in laser pointer
  • High safety to X-ray by full sealing box with interlock door system.


Items MSX500 MSX500(L) MSX500SW
Board Size 330x250mm max 400x510mm max 330x250 max
XY Table Stroke 120Yx160Xmm 180Yx180Xmm 120Yx160Xmm
XY Table Control Motor Controlled
XY Table Size 350x250mm 450x550mm 350x250mm
Remote Control Option Standard
X Ray Source Voltage 70Kv
X Ray Tube Current 3mA
Focus Size 0.8mm
Cooling Air cooling
Image Angle 0 0~45 degrees
X Ray Radiation Less than 1µSv/H
X Ray Protection X Ray protected special Cabinet
Image Magnification 30 x (on the monitor screen)
Detector CCD 2/3 inch
PC Desk Top
CPU 2.4GHz
Memory 256MHB
Storage Unit CD-RW, FDD3.5, HDD40GB
OS Windows2000
LCD 17 inch
Image Controller Quality Control.
Enhancement Processing
Contrast Control
Brightness Control
Power AC230V 500VA AC230V 800VA
Body Size 630Wx740Hx755Dmm 900Wx815Hx865Dmm 630Wx740Hx755Dmm
Weight 120Kg approx. 150Kg Approx 130Kg Approx

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