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MSX1000HR is a high resolution inspection system by 5 micron x ray generator. The original xray generator is generated at the large angle of 120 degrees, thus it can observe to the check angle to plus minus 60 degrees without moving angle of the material.


  • The X ray tube is closed type. It is long life and sfety operation
  • 5 micron high resolution image check is possible
  • Magnification of the x ray image is up to 140; furthermore, x 8 expansion image is possible. It is total x 1120.
  • plus and minus 60 degree view angle change is possible, it is only in adjustment of the detector
  • 360 degree view angle change is possible when used with the optional manipulator.
  • The XY table also can be controlled by the data.
  • The screen can also be monitor with dividing x4 and x8


  • Voltage: 90 kv max adjustable
  • Current: 40ma max adjustable
  • Focus: 5mm
  • Air cooling
  • X ray angle: 0~60degrees
  • Xray CCD camera: Image Intensifier 4 inch
  • CPU: 2.53GHz
  • Memory: 512 Mb
  • OS: Windows XP
  • Display: 15 inch
  • Visual Controller: M2 Vision Soft
  • Dimensions: 880w x 1560h x 950dmm
  • Weight: 300 Kg. approx.
  • Power: AC 230V 500VA
  • X ray leakage: Less  than 1 msv/h
  • Magnification: (12~140) x 8 = 1120 max
  • Table size: 350 x 400mm

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