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MS9100 is the rework system for very large size and heat load board. The bottom heater system is very wide and powerful. The reworking will be success even the board of the 5.0mm thickness and 24 layers.

  • 6 Zones profile control system
  • 8KVA wide bottom heater system
  • High accuracy placement auto focuses vision system
  • Splitter screen zoom for easy alignment of large BGA


Board: Size: 50x50-520x610mm Thickness: 0.5-5.0mm Weight: 5.0kg max.
Component CSP,BGA,QFP,SOP,etc. size: 3mm-50mm square (from 0.4mm lead pitch)


1. Power Cable (3 cores) x 1 (approx. 5M)
2. Air Tube x 1 (6mmD approx. 3M) 
3. Under board support pins system x 1


Nozzle: It selects according to the size of the package which rework. 
Sensor Kit : This is CA sensor for surface temperature of the package and also the board.
Cleaning unit : It is the cleaner for the board which after reworking. 
Solder Printing Jig : The printing jig for the BGA. 
Test Board Kit :It is for Vision system calibration.
Inspection system : X ray inspection system for after reworking. 


Item Specification
Board Size 50x50---520x610mm
Thickness 0.5--5.0mm
Weight 5Kg max.
Top Space up to 45mm
Bottom Space up to 25mm
Y Axis Fine Adjust +&- 7.0mm
X Axis Fine Adjust Possible throughout the X axis
Board Holder L type Rail & Nail type Jig
Board Support Under Support by 9 pins with 3 rail
Z axis by motor control
Accuracy +&-:0.025mm
Angle Adjust +&- 5.0
Vision System 2.0x2.0---50x50mm (Respond size)
Magnifying 0--75x zooming
Focus Auto/Manual
Monitor 10 inch LCD
Splitter Direct/Splitter selectable
Top Heater Hot Air 260x4=1040VA
Bottom Heater IR 8000VA (500x550mm )
Controller 10 inch Color Touch Panel System
Control System with Auto-mode ITTS Auto Thermal Control System
Manual Mode 6+1 zone PID control
Temp. Setting Top 000---450 C degrees
Bottom 000---600 C degrees
Time 000----999 sec. Heating
000----999 sec. Cooling
Temp. Measuring 2 CH CA-K
Data File 100x2 files max. by the card type memory
Data Analyzer Peak Temp & Time interval for each CH.
Power 220--240V AC 10KVA 3P
Air 0.5Mpa (N2 possible)
Dimension 750Wx950Dx1750Hmm
Weight 150Kg approx.

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