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For quality inspection, for research and development, and at the manufacturing site-the ultimate in cost performance 2M pixel clear image, magnify x1 to x220 , Make adjustable the LED light power, measuring software is standard.


Connects to the PC via a USB cable for viewing an object on a large screen.
Interface: USB2.0, Resolution: 1600 x 1200, Maximum frame rate: 10 frames per second
3. Magnification: Variable between 1x - 290x Note: If distance is required for the work, we recommend a magnification between 1x - 120x. 
4. Stores images in JPG or BMP file format, and also calibrates the distance between two points in live mode using the standard-shipped imaging software.
5. The compact body contains a CCD camera, lighting, and lens and therefore is lightweight and easy to carry around. It is also low priced.
6. The Internal and External Lights can be switched on and off independently of each other. Also, by using the standard-shipped Diffusion Filter, you can decrease the amount of reflection off of metallic objects.
7. Suited for observing, inspecting, and analyzing circuit boards, metals, cast objects, processed objects, parts, foodstuff, etc.


PC Interface
USB2.0 Interface on 100% compatible DOS/V AT machine (not compliant with the Expanded USB2.0 spec) 
Picture Elements
Color CMOS 2.0M pixels
Maximum Resolution
1600 x 1200
Frame Rate
Maximum of 10fps at (1600 x 1200) 
Minimum Operating Environment
Intel Pentium III 850MHz or above
WindowsXP SP2,SP3
DS-3UX-3: Approx.1x - 220x
DS-3UXL-3: Approx.1x - 120x
White LED with Internal/External Light On/Off
One diffusion filter
160H x 65W x 66D (mm)

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