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The MS-3000 is a microscope for effectively inspecting the soldered portions of the BGA and CSP which are difficult to reach by the X-ray inspection method. Specifically, it is efficient for inspecting the fillets of soldered balls, melted condition of soldered parts, cracks, and defective soldering. Since inspection is done using the backlight and the two sidelights on the camera, inspection of soldered balls at a depth of 15mm can be done using the 70x L Probe. It can also be used for inspecting the bridges of the soldered balls. The LH Probe with a magnification of from 70x to 140x is suitable for the inspection of small soldered balls on BGAs and CSPs. 

We recommend that you set the magnification to 140x for inspecting the soldering portions on BGAs and CSPs. The SH Probe with a magnification of 300x is suitable for the inspection of soldered balls with a height of approximately 0.1 mm on BGAs, CSPs, and bridge chips. Also, by mounting the standard-shipped straight prism at the head, the MS-3000 can inspect the surface-mounted parts of QFPs. From an angular position, it can be used to inspect the melted and un-melted status of soldering. The microscope can be connected to the PC with the UB pack (USB2.0 connection). Electric power can be supplied from the PC via the USB cable. A viewer software for image storing, two-point calibrating, and a marker function is also standard-shipped with the microscope.  

L Probe 70x P=1.27 - 1.0

Minimum height of observation=0.3mm
LH Probe 70x - 140x P=0.8 - 0.5

Minimum height of observation=0.15mm
SH Probe 300x P=0.5 (Suited for CSP)

Minimum height of observation=0.05mm

The MS-3000H and MS-3000SH Probes
H Probe has a magnification of 140x and the SH Probe, 300x.
Note: (1) shows the basic system. Users can select between the camera with the L Probe (70x) or the H Probe (140x) at the time of ordering.


The Specification

USB2.0 interface on 100% compatible DOS/V AT machine
(not compliant with the Expanded USB2.0 spec)

Image output
Picture Elements
1/4-inch Color CCD, 410K pixels
Maximum resolution
VGA: 640 x 480
Minimum Operating Environment
Intel Pentium III 850MHz or above
OS Windows2000/XP
Lighting Halogen lamp 

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